Debra Muller – Connections Coordinator

Debra Muller, Connections Coordinator

Why OPC|Milford?

When we moved to Milford my husband Brett and I were driving about 20-30 minutes just to find a church that we enjoyed going to. Then God brought OPC|M and after the first service we knew it’s where he wanted us to be! I still can’t believe that there were only 40 people that first Sunday we attended and now we see almost 400 every Sunday. God knew what he was doing when he brought Oak Pointe church to Milford!


Got a husband and the sweetest boy named Theodore(Theo).


Graduated from Davenport University with a Degree in Business to Business Marketing.

Favorite thing to do

Three things take up a majority of my free/fun time: Running, Food, and Quality time with people.
  • Many of you might see me running through the town of Milford with my sweet baby Theo. It’s so fun to get out and enjoy God’s creation on the beautiful trails in Milford. 
  • Next, I have started to really enjoy cooking. Right when I got married it seemed like quite a chore but now the more I’m learning the more I enjoy it. I’m trying new recipes on a weekly basis and I’m so thankful for a husband that doesn’t mind eating lots of veges!
  • Finally, if you know me at all you’ll know that I’m an extravert and get a lot of energy when I’m around others. So grabbing coffee, and chatting about what God is doing in our lives brings me such joy!

Favorite Local Restaurant

… that one is easy… PALATE! Their Tennessee club pizza is AWESOME and their bacon wrapped dates are to die for!

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