Kelly Astwood – Ark Park Program Coordinator

Why OPC|Milford?
Our family transitioned to OPCM after attending/serving 22 years at a inner-city church in Highland Park, MI.  Transition and change can be be difficult even when you know God is leading you.  A few of our friends suggested visiting OPCM.  We are so happy we did!  Jonathan and I were encouraged by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our daughter EMILY thoroughly enjoyed ARK PARK and of course the doughnuts!!!  As parents WE LOVE the programming for kids on Sunday mornings.  Our EMILY learns about Jesus and His word in a way that is exciting and fun!

This is our number one priority and hope for her, that she would grow to know and serve JESUS everyday of her life.

We know that God has led us here to the church and are so excited to see what God has in store!
I am married to a “Brit’!
Jonathan and I have been married for 13 years!  We have a 4 year old daughter named Emily Elizabeth.  She truly is our little miracle.
Graduated: Master’s Commission Berean School of the Bible 1993
Christian Worker Credentials
Favorite thing to do 
Playing the piano, cider-mill season, photography, nature walks and spending time with family.
Favorite Local Restaurant
The beet salad is YUM!!!  YUM!!

Contact Kelly! P: 248.685.3560  E: