Shalin Gunn – Adventureland Administration Coordinator

Why OPC|Milford?
We moved to Milford about 5 years and were looking for a new church home. Upon attending OPCM for the first time my husband and I were amazed, OPCM had everything we wanted, all the benefits of attending a large church, awesome children’s ministry, small group classes, bible studies, and a passionate pastor who delivers God’s word straight from the bible, coupled with the makings of what one would see in a small church, everyone knows each other and people are welcoming and genuinly happy to see you every week. OPCM really has become our second family, we are so blessed to call OPCM our church home.
Joshua and I were married on July 13th, 2007. We welcomed our first daughter Brooklin in December of 2005, followed by our second daughter Brynlei in 2007 and the final addition, our daughter Sloane, was born in October of 2013.
Churchill High School 2002
University of Phoenix
AA~Elementary Education 2012
BS~Environmental Science/biology 2015
Favorite thing to do 
With 3 children our lives tend to be a bit crazy but when I have time, I like to do craft projects with my kids or on my own. I love DIY crafts!
Favorite Local Restaurant
Palate: The atmosphere and food are great!

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