Life Groups

We believe that God designed us to live both in personal relationship with Him and in community with others.  Our lives become richer when we put these two pieces together and “Life Groups” is one way that we pursue this experience at OPCM.

  • 8-12 People in each group
  • Types: Mixed, Men’s & Women’s
  • Meet weekly or biweekly
  • What you do at Life group: share life experiences, have food & fun, pray and discuss God’s word.

Find Your Group!

Women’s Groups

Bad Girls of the Bible (Alisa Morche); $10.00; @ OPC|Milford
Tuesdays, June 20 – Aug 8 @ 7:00-9:00pm; Not meeting July 4, 11

Want to make some new friends? Join us to be introduced to ten fascinating women in the Bible. This is a ‘book study’ that gives us a fresh look at Bible characters that we don’t hear much about. We will share contemporary and biblical stories about Eve, Potiphar’s Wife, the Woman at the Well and more. Liz Curtis Higgs presents their stories with a perfect blend of humor and engaging applications and turns them into modern day life lessons about courage, innocence, humility, curiosity and faithfulness. This Study is an excellent way to become more familiar with women in the Bible and will help us to experience God’s grace with joy and abandon.

Romans-She Reads Truth (Tiffany Legato); $2 App, Opt’l Book $25; @ Starbucks
Wednesdays, June 21 – Aug 9 @ 6-8am; Not mtg July 5,12

Stop in for a summer reading plan that walks through Paul’s beloved letter to the Roman churches. In Romans: She Reads Truth the book of Romans expresses the origin of sin and guilt, the impossibility of saving ourselves, and our ultimate rescue in Christ. Paul makes it clear : salvation comes only by grace through faith in Jesus. So..grab a cup at coffee, bring your friends and join us at Starbucks (I-96 & Milford Roads) to start jump start your morning!!

Chase: Chasing After the Heart of God (Laura Jelinek); $8.00; @ OPC|Milford
Wednesdays, June 21 – Aug 9 @ 9:30-11:30am; Not mtg July 5,12

We’re all chasing after something, something that we think will make us happy—comfort, success, a bigger house, or someone’s approval. But if we are all honest, it feels like trying to catch the wind. Chase explores the events that defined David’s life and the Psalms that flowed out of those experiences. Through David’s example we’ll discover what God really wants from us. God has carved out a space in each of us that only He can fill. So whether you are running from God or working your tail off to please Him, David’s journey will challenge your view of God.

Men’s Groups

Romans-He Reads Truth (Led by Men’s Team); $2 App, Opt’l $25 book; @ OPC|M
Wednesdays June 21 – Aug 9 @ 8:00-9:00pm; Not meeting July 4, 11
-OR- Fridays June 23 – Aug 11 @ 6:00-7:00am; Not meeting July 7, 14

When Paul wrote this magnificent letter, Rome was the cultural center of the world. To this audience, Paul delivered the most comprehensive expression of the gospel ever given in Scripture. Romans walks us through the origin of sin and guilt, the impossibility of saving ourselves, and our ultimate rescue in Christ. Join us for this 6-week study of Romans, the essential gospel.

Mixed Groups

Micah & Laura Jelinek, Bryce & Carolynne Robbins – Milford
Sundays @ 4:00pm

Todd & Amey Dryer – Brighton/Milford
Tuesdays @ 6:00pm

Ben & Jenn Williams, Joe & Tiffany Legato – South Lyon
Sundays @ 4:00pm

Bruce & Cathy Wolfe – Milford
Thursdays @ 6:30PM

Seth & Vorn Vogel – Milford
2nd & 4th Sundays @ 6:00PM

Brett & Debra Muller – Milford
Fridays @ 7:00PM

Jeff & Annie Malburg – Milford
Thursdays @ 6:30PM

Gary & Martha Cullison – Milford
2nd & 4th Fridays @ 6:30PM

Rich & Shelley O’Brien – Milford
2nd & 4th Fridays @ 6:30PM

Ernie & Carla Minissale – Milford
Fridays @ 7:00PM

Dayna & Andrew Smedley – Milford
Wednesdays @ 6:30PM

Paul & Sheila Jenkinson – Milford
2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 6:30PM

Rose & Dave Baker – Milford
2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 6:30PM

Jeff & Lisa Rehbine – Milford
1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ 6:30PM

Aaron & Sadie Gaubatz – Hartland
2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 6:00PM

Todd & Heather Remtema – Milford
Every Other Sunday @ 6:00PM

First Groups

FirstGroup is a fun, simple way to try a life group! In two hours, you’ll meet the folks in your group, get to know them, and then determine together when and where you’ll meet.

In this study, you’ll explore how building relationships with the people in your small group and serving in the larger community around you will grow your faith.  You’ll learn why your unique story matters…to God and to the people you do life with.

Email to rsvp.

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