You’ve found your match made in heaven and are ready to prepare for your wedding day! Let OPC|Milford support you on this special day and in a God-honoring marriage that will last a lifetime. Have you ever heard that love is a feeling, marriage is a commitment, and relationships take work? If you have, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and begin our process, like hundreds of other couples who have benefited from this preparation and experienced true compatibility the way God designed it to be.

We want to help you prepare for your wedding day as well as a lifetime of marriage, so we’ve developed a 6-step process to assist you with both. The first step is to complete the Wedding Registration Form below and click the submit button. Upon completion of this form you will be contacted OPC|M’s Wedding Coordinator and she will work with you hand-in-hand for the remaining steps of the wedding process at OPC|Milford.

1. Wedding Registration Form

2. Pre-Marriage Questionnaire & Wedding Walk Through

Once the Pre-Marriage Questionnaire is approved, your Wedding Coordinator will contact you to schedule a “Walk-Thru Meeting” of the ceremony site (should your wedding be on-site at Oak Pointe Church) and review with you the final steps of the wedding process at Oak Pointe Church.

Special Note: Upon approval of your wedding, your deposit to hold your date will be required within 10 days (please see “Fee Structure” in The Book of Everything You Need to Know – Coming Soon!).

3. Officiating Pastor Orientation

After completion and approval of your wedding request and submitted forms, you’ll be required to setup an interview with your Officiating Pastor. This interview will include confirming your ceremony requests and discussing your pre-marriage class/counseling requirements.

4. Prepare and Enrich Online Assessment and Pre-Marriage Class

With completion of your Wedding Registration and Questionnaire you’ll be contacted Margaret Michael, Director of Restore Ministries, who will assist you with registration of the Prepare and Enrich Online Assessment. Once that is completed Margaret will review your assessment with you advising you of your next steps. To register for our Pre-Marriage classes please contact Debra Carwile at who will assist you with registration (held at our Novi Campus). Please allow at least six months or more for completion of the pre-marriage program, counting out from two weeks prior to wedding date.

5. Rehearsal

This date will be determined during your initial meeting with your Wedding Coordinator, and is based on your wedding date (it’s usually the night before). Rehearsal time will be 5:00pm. This will be a rehearsal of your ceremony in program order, and will be directed by your Wedding Coordinator.

6. Get Married!

Relax and enjoy the day. Your Wedding Coordinator will be on-site overseeing the day.

More Information

Fee Structure

Deposit for Wedding Reservation: $100 (non-refundable deposit)

OPC Novi Worship Center Wedding: $950 (200 guests or more)

OPC Novi Atrium of Chapel Wedding: $750 (200 guests maximum)

OPC Milford Auditorium Wedding: $750 (250 guests maximum)

Technical Support Fee: $240.00 (1 person for 8 hours; $30.00/hour thereafter; Additional Technical Support Personnel – $30/hour)

For complete info, please see “Fee Structure” in The Book of Everything You Need to Know – Coming Soon!.

Contact our Wedding Coordinato! P: 248.912.0043  E:
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