Membership Classes

A picture of a hot air balloon with the text, "discover OPCM recurring Sundays @ 1:30pm lunch and childcare provided."

Just starting coming to Oak Pointe Church Milford? Join us for Discover OPC|M where you will meet Pastor Paul, learn about how the church began, and connect over a light lunch with other newcomers. This is the first step of our membership process.

People fist bumping with the text, "join OPCM Friday @ 4pm and Saturday @ 9am dinner/breakfast and childcare provided."

You’ve attended Discover OPC|M and are now ready to become a member at OPC|M… awesome!  The Join class is insightful, interactive and of course involves some food. We begin on a Friday evening over dinner and meet again on a Saturday morning from 9-12pm.

Formation Classes

A blue background with the text, "questioning Christianity."

Does Christianity make sense emotionally, culturally and intellectually? Are you exploring the Christian faith? Questioning Christianity is for anyone interested in exploring what Christians believe and for those in the Oak Pointe Milford community bringing friends who do not identify as Christian. It’s an opportunity for your questions to be taken seriously. Our hope is to create a space for open dialogue about the things that you are curious about. Bring your questions, doubts and fears.

A red background with the text, "Christianity explored, what's the best news you've ever heard?"

Christianity Explored is for anyone who wants to take the next step in exploring what Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection means for you. The study gives you time and space (6 weeks) to discover learn about the person of Jesus, his identity and mission.

A drawing of a large tree with the text, "how to read your bible, a formation class."

Whether you’re considering Christianity, a newer Christian, or a seasoned believer, join us as we sharpen our interpretive skills and learn practical steps for reading, understanding and applying the Bible.

A drawing of a large tree with the text, "discerning calling, a six-week formation class."

This class is designed to give you a biblical overview of faith and work with the hope that you grow in developing a clearer sense of God’s calling for you. Over the course of these 6-weeks, we hope to demystify the idea of calling and deepen your understanding and experience of everyday work.

Life Classes

This class is designed to help you put your marriage into perspective. Learn how to navigate your way through difficulties, what it means to be a truly masculine man and a truly feminine woman, and so much more! Both men and women will love this class!

What is your calling as a parent? Raising good, moral children? Folding clothes and providing a good home? In the busyness and humdrum of our ordinary days, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture that God has called us to in parenting. A picture that includes shepherding our children with both grace and truth.

The Christian faith is supposed to produce deep, positive change in a person’s life, so why doesn’t it always work that way? There’s a critical link between our spiritual and emotional health. If it remains undiscovered (and unhealthy), the result will affect our spirituality and, ultimately, how we love others. This class will help you grow in knowing God, yourself, and others better. This study uses the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) curriculum and is taught by Micah and Laura Jelinek. 

Milestone Classes

A white background with a cartoon orange heart and the text, "child dedication."

We are so thrilled you’re choosing to dedicate your child to the Lord – and that we get to link arms with you on that journey as a church family!  This class will discuss the specifics of how the dedication event will work, as well as how to imagine the end and widen your circle!

Whether you are ready and determined to take the plunge, or you want to learn what Baptism is all about, this is the class for you!  This class is appropriate for kids, students and adults – each group will meet with with their age-specific ministry leader to discuss how the night of baptism will work, and the meaning and significance behind the symbol of Baptism.


Want more information? Contact Micah! P: 248.685.3560  E: