Milford Memories 3on3
Basketball Tournament

Due to the construction of Milford Central Park and other various volunteer limitations, the 2024 M3B tournament will not be taking place.  Check back with us in 2025 when we start back up better and bigger than ever!


The 2023 M3B Tournament is Saturday, August 12

The M3B Tournament has been hosted by Oak Pointe Church Milford since 2011, and was founded to help raise scholarship funds for local kids and teens to attend life-changing retreats. 100% of the proceeds from the event goes toward assisting Milford, Lakeland, and Highland community families.

The M3B Tournament continues to grow each year and has become a main event at Milford Memories which is one of the largest summer festivals in Michigan. Whether you are playing in the tournament, or buying concessions while you cheer on your favorite team, you help make a difference! Donations and sponsorships are also accepted and can be tax deductible.

Tournament Schedule

Schedules will be made available on this site, and be sent to each team’s captain on the Wednesday prior to the tournament.

Tournament Location

Milford Central Park
151 N. Main Street
Milford, MI 48381

Tournament Donation

 $110 through Jul 22
$136 from Jul 23 – Aug 4
$189 from Aug 5 – 7

Tournament Schedule

The 2023 tournament schedules will be made available on this site,
and will be sent to each team’s captain the Wednesday prior to the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices are for the entire TEAM.

You pay the next price, just don’t miss the next cut off!

We get schedules out by the Wednesday prior to the tournament, sometimes even earlier.

We’d love to tell you exactly, but once your first game happens, if you win you enter into separate bracket then if you lose. So be prepared to play for 2-4 hours after your first scheduled game.  Remember, if you forfeit a game, another team gets shorted a game.

During registration we collect emails, all communications and schedules will go to those emails (yes you can add more than one email.) If you want to add and email just send it to, but please include the associated team/division when sending us your new email address.

One hour before your first game, have all your players available to check in at the tennis courts in Central Park. This location is in the middle of town, so it might take a while to get there, so plan ahead so you are not running late. Players must be checked in and wrist banded in order to play, no exceptions.

Refunds will only be given until July 31st, refunds can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and then they have to be mailed, so it could take a while to get your check. If a team needs to drop last minute or after July 31st, no refunds are given. Good news is 100% of the proceeds of this event goes to helping underserved kids in the community, so registration can be tax deducted even if you didn’t play!

Yes, please! We promise to put to great use all donations, so include your family or company as one of our sponsors. If you can help us out, please contact Most years we even have several teams pay a bit extra to help us collect a bit more money.

Unless there is dangerous weather like lightning or tornadoes, we play. If the ball will bounce we make a go, so please come prepared to play!

No coaches except by registered players, period, if non players are detected coaching from the sidelines by M3B officials, those individuals will be first warned, then baby sat and if needed could be asked or helped to leave.

Only the youngest divisions will have officials, all games will have court monitors at all times. If play becomes rough, players can not control their language or anything occurs that monitors believe to be dangerous, M3B officials will step in. If this happens, offending players/teams could be asked to sit out for a period of time, or possibly ejected. If the whole team is having issues the team could forfeit its game(s) or be ejected from tournament.

Offending players or teams must leave the tournament area, not refunds will be given. Luckily we have not had this situation happen often in the past. All rulings are up to referees or M3B site officials to make and are final. To keep order, if ever needed Milford Memories committee provides both local and state police who operate mobile offices about 100 yards from our courts, we can call on if ever needed for assistance.

Didn’t see your question? • Contact John Hawes •


Click Here to Download the Complete M3B Rules


1. Each team must have a minimum of 4 players on the roster.

2. No coaches are allowed on the sidelines or in huddles on court.

3. Players may only appear on one roster within the same division.

a) A player may appear on more than one roster as long as they are not in the same division.

b) Any scheduling conflicts that result for players appearing on more than one roster are not the responsibility of M3B Tournament officials and may result in loss of playing time or game forfeit if the secondary team does not meet the game eligibility requirements.


1. Each team member’s age must fall within the grade/age division.

a) Player’s grade will be the one he or she will be in the fall of 2023.

b) Should any team member cross the grade/age division, the entire team will automatically be placed to play in the older division.

2. Proper identification is required.

a) We reserve the right to verify any player grade. Intentionally providing inaccurate information is grounds for disqualification of an entire team.

b) Each player is encouraged to carry personal report card with for the most recently completed school term and ID, preferably a valid driver’s license for 16 yrs. of age and older.

c) Players under 16 must have a copy of a birth certificate or a school id.

d) M3B Tournament officials reserve the right to make all judgments on this matter.

e) All decisions of M3B Tournament officials are final.

3. Any mixed gender teams will be required to play in the Boys Division.

4. Divisions and available team slots:

a) 6th/7th Grades – Boys (mixed gender)

b) 6th/7th Grades – Girls if enough teams available, if not girls play with boys

c) 8th-9th Grades – Boys (mixed gender)

d) 8th/9th Grades – Girls if enough teams available, if not girls play with boys

e) 10th/11th Grades – Boys (mixed gender)

f) 10th/11th Grades – Girls if enough teams available, if not girls play with boys

g) 12th/2022 Graduates – Boys (mixed gender)

h) 12th/2022 Graduates – Girls if enough teams available, if not girls play with boys

i) Adult Under 39 – (mixed gender)

j) Adult Over 39 – (mixed gender)

5. In the event a low number of teams enter in a given bracket, M3B Tournament officials reserve the right to merge junior brackets with one age group higher.


1. Teams must be ready to play up to 10 minutes prior to assigned start time for all games.

a) Any team that is not ready to play within 5 minutes from the scheduled start time is considered to have forfeited the game. Forfeit score is 16-0.

b) Exceptions to forfeit time will only be permitted in the event that a team was still playing in another M3B tournament game.

2. Time Limits:

a) There is a 18 minute time limit. In the event the score is tied, the game will continue until and the first team to score wins the game.

b) One (1) 30 second timeouts are allowed per game (if time permits).

c) Substitutions may be made only during dead ball and time-out situations. Players are not required to check in with the referee to make substitutions.


1. Games first possession will be determined by a coin flip.

2. Jump ball will go to the defense.

3. Top, sides and bottom of backboard are in-bounds.

4. Baseline, sidelines and mid court are out-of-bounds.

5. Any possession must be passed in from the top of the court with ball being checked by the defense.

6. After a score, the ball must

a) (1) change possession, and

b) (2) be checked by defense before play begins.

7. On every change of possession the ball must be taken back beyond the 2 point line, both feet, no exception.

a) If a take-back violation occurs, the defensive team will receive the ball up top.


1. All fouls and violations are called by referees for all divisions.

2. The referees or tournament officials’ calls are final.

a) Only questions about rule interpretations may require clarification by M3B Tournament management.

b) Disputes and matters not addressed or clarified in this rules summary will be settled by applying standard Michigan High School rules.

3. Officials may call a technical foul due to improper behavior, intentional fouling, or improper hanging on rim before and during the game.

a) A technical foul will result in a free throw followed by possession of the ball by the opponent of the team/player being charged the foul.


1. A free throw is awarded:

a) On and after the 5th team foul, shoot one free throw.

b) When a foul is committed during the act of shooting.

2. If a foul is committed during the act of shooting and the shot is missed:

a) One free throw is awarded for 1 point attempts and two free throws for 2 point attempts.

3. If a foul is committed during the act of shooting and the shot is made:

a) The scoring team is awarded the point(s) and no free throws taken unless they are in the bonus.

4. If a free throw is missed:

a) The ball must be taken back behind the two point line by the rebounding team. (Two feet behind line.)

5. Games may be decided at the foul line. All calls are made by M3B officials and free throws will be played as outlined above.


1. 1 point for every basket scored inside the 2 point line.

2. 2 points for every basket scored outside the 2 point line.

3. 1 point scored for each free throw made.!

4. Winning the game:

a) Regular Scoring: up to 18 (win by 2) or up to 23 (win by 1)


1. M3B Tournament officials and its referees reserve the right to:

a) Call intentional foul, and the offended team receives one free throw and possession.

b) Call flagrant foul, and the offended team receives one free throw and possession.

c) Have a player sit out for a period of time.

d) Eject a player or team for the rest of the game and if need be, for the rest of the tournament.

e) Stop the game for a period of time.

f) Stop the game completely with one or both teams being thrown out of the tournament.

g) Parents and/or spectators may be asked to leave the premises for improper conduct.


1. We reserve the right to reduce the number of rescheduled games or shorten games, due to unforeseen circumstances such as foul weather, power interruptions, the determination of local officials, etc.

2. In the event of such circumstances, M3B Tournament officials may elect to take a break in the action for a short period of time, reduce length of games, or change to a single elimination tournament (where applicable).

3. Printed rules given to teams on the day of the event, or rules communicated by tournament organizers are the official rules.

Register Now!

Early bird pricing is $110 through July 22 after which regular pricing begins at only $136 through August 4. Registration price increases to $189 when signing up between August 5-7. We try to have both male and female divisions, but many times we need to mix teams into co-ed divisions. If this is the case, your team will be informed prior to the tournament.

 Please note only one person per team
(the team captain) needs to register

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