During this unprecedented time in our culture, being a good neighbor is more important than ever. But, with all of the social-distancing guidelines, it can feel complicated. We know you want to get this right and we want to help.

This Neighbor Day (whatever day you watch the service this week) choose an activity or two from the list below, and sign-up!  Signing Up helps us feel like we are all working as the body of Christ together even though we may be separated this Neighbor day.

Help us all celebrate by sharing any pictures/videos or stories with the hashtag #neighborday or email: info@opcmilford.org

Neighbor Challenge #1


Shining His Light on those around you
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This is like a bingo card with 9 blocks that people fill out with names of their neighbors surrounding them (with their own name in the center square).  It’s hard to love your neighbor if you don’t even know their name.  People are out walking around more now than ever and it’s super easy to say “hey – I see you walking a lot but don’t know your name” and start up a conversation with people.  Try to fill in as many squares as possible with specific details about each neighbor.

Download a Sample

Reach out by email, text or phone call.  If you don’t have their contact information, leave a note on their door sharing your contact information. Let them know you’re available to help if they need anything.

SAMPLE NOTE: I live a few doors down from you at 1234 Milford Drive.  I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I’m available if you need anything.  My family and I are healthy and will be sure to wash our hands and wipe down anything you need us to bring you.  Don’t hesitate to text of call if you need anything or would just like to connect with someone.  My phone number is (123)456-7890.

Go on a walk or hang out on your front porch.  When you see people, make it a point to talk to them.  These brief interactions can go a long way in building an initial relationship.

Leave a goodie basket filled with treats and drinks to thank them and to show your gratitude.

Invite your neighbors to have a simultaneous meal, snack or beverage while remaining in your front yards, driveways, or front porches.  Play some tunes and enjoy some safely distant time together.

Neighbor Challenge #2


Bringing Hope to a weary world
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Get your rakes, work gloves, brooms, weed pullers, garbage bags, sunscreen, and water and go clean up an area your family enjoys spending time outdoors together such as trails, schools, your neighborhood.

Spreading joy in our community by writing inspirational message on sidewalks/driveways.

Decorate a rock within inspirational message and place along a popular walkway or trail.

Neighbor Challenge #3


Taking time to Share His Love with those in need
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Community Sharing is currently low on the following items:
  • Food –peanut butter, hearty soups, rice, pasta, cereal, tuna, canned fruit and vegetables
  • Personal items –soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products items, diapers, especially toddler size
  • Household cleaning products and toilet paper
  • Cash donations and gas cards are always happily accepted at Community Sharing as well.
All Donations can be dropped off at our OPC|M Donation Trailer Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 am AND on Sunday, June 7 in celebration of Neighbor Day.

We are collecting for our families at Childs Lake fun summer items for the kids.  We also would like to plant flowers (flowers provided by Childs Lake) as we have done in previous years for them.  Please sign up for this event by clicking the button below to let us know you can help out.

Amazon Wishlist

All Donations can be dropped off at our OPC|M Donation Trailer Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 am AND on Sunday, June 7 in celebration of Neighbor Day.

Current guidelines make it difficult for single parents to get what they need to take care of their families.  The next time you head out to the store, reach out and see if there is anything you can pick up for them.

Call, text or visit in person (keeping a safe distance) and ask if they need anything (e.g., groceries, a prescription refill, or a good book to read).  Sometimes what they need most is someone to talk to.

Additional Resources

Make some good connections?


  • Ask people what their story is and be willing to share your own story in a way that is genuine (not painting yourself as perfect).

  • Talking generally about God in our present life when people ask us how we are doing. This can open up doors to asking people if they have a spiritual background.

  • Remember whenever we are sharing our faith, we should not be so caught up in presenting ourselves as someone they should be like, but rather pointing to how great Christ is.

  • Invite people to watch church! It’s important for people to hear the gospel from us but also for them to be connected to a church community that is also messy and broken, but seeking Jesus together.

  • Talk about the Bible. Ask if they have ever read the Bible. Ask them what they think the main message is in the Bible. If they ask what you think, share that it’s about the good news of Jesus. Ask them if they would like to read more of the Bible. Say, “I love to read through the Bible with people. Do you want to read and talk about it with me?”

Share your Neighbor Day!

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