Our days are shaped by our habits.

This devo is designed to help you form daily rhythms and habits shaped by grace so that you might draw nearer to Christ.


This Week:

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Daily Devo | December 2, 2020 (Advent)

Dear Lord Jesus, Advent has just begun, and I am praying it will be a season marked more by hush than rush. If I’m going to be busy with anything, may it be with quieting my heart, focusing my gaze, and setting my affection on things above...

Daily Devo | December 1, 2020 (Advent)

After he knocks at his friend’s door, he hears a sleepy voice from the inside telling him to go away: everyone is asleep. Anyone with children, especially more than one, understands his reluctance to wake them up...
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Daily Devo | November 30 (Advent)

Jesus teaches us that what we ask for in prayer is rarely what we need. We usually ask for provision, when the God who knows how to give good gifts is ready to give us his presence through the Holy Spirit...

Daily Devo | November 26, 2020

Now APPLY what you've read: How does this passage challenge (or confirm) your understanding? Is there some attitude you need to change? What does this passage teach you about being a disciple of Jesus?...
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Daily Devo | November 25, 2020

READ the passage SLOWLY as if for the first time. Then look for three things: Light Bulbs: Anything that stood out to you each day. Question Marks: What didn’t make sense? What do you wonder about? Arrows: Anything that seems to apply directly to you...
  • What to Expect

    Daily Reading Plan:

    Following the Morning and Evening readings will allow you to read through the Psalms 3 times a year, the New Testament once a year, and the Old Testament once every 3 years.

    Sermon Series Readings:

    Use it to reflect upon the ways Christ has been working in your life this week. Makes a great midday reflection or group discussion questions.


    The prayers for each day are structured around preparing our hearts for communion with God. Read more about each devotional element below.

  • Tips for Getting Started

    Developing a Rhythm

    Start small by setting aside 15 minutes each morning and evening. Developing this kind of spiritual habit takes time.

    Come to this time with expectation. Expect God to reveal himself to you. Expect that he delights in you being there, even when you’ve wandered away.

    Be kind to yourself! Growing a spiritual habit is a slow, patient process.

    Check out this helpful guide for more ideas on developing a devotional rhythm.

  • Devotional Elements

    Call to Prayer

    Each devotional will begin with a simple passage of scripture that invites us into God’s presence by meditating on an aspect of his person, promises, plan or provision.


    Confession is formative. It trains us to recognize the ways our hearts have become de-formed. These prayers also point to how Christ is at work re-ordering our hearts and bringing redemption amidst the wreckage of our broken lives and world.

    Praying the Psalms

    This is an ancient practice. God’s people have prayed these songs to God for thousands of years: songs of praise and of lament, songs about abandoned loneliness and songs about joy-filled community. Tim Keller has said that “the Psalms are the preeminent place to see how to deal with your emotions and the conditions of the heart.” Here’s how to Pray the Psalms: Read slowly. Take note of words and phrases. Bring them before the Lord in prayer and personalize the passage as you pray.

    Old Testament & New Testament Readings

    In-depth study is not the purpose of these readings (Saturdays are a good day for this), but to listen for God’s voice and to allow Him to speak into your life.


    We’ve provided some prompts for prayer each day. Use the Call to Prayer to prepare your mind and heart to hear from and respond to God. Let the Prayer of Confession be an honest dealing with sin in your life and a resting in the assurance of pardon Christ gives to us in the Gospel. Set aside time in the evening for a simple Evening Prayer, or give time twice a week to practice reflective prayer with the Prayer of Examen.

Questions about the daily devotional?
Email: micah@opcmilford.org

Daily Devo | November 6, 2020

The owner’s words echo God’s own from Exodus 33:19 and Isaiah 64:8. I’ll offer an American paraphrase of the verses: “Am I not allowed to do what want with my clay? I am the potter after all!...

Daily Devo | November 5, 2020

This is what I find most hopeful about this passage, and about the gospel. Some of Jesus’ earliest followers after the resurrection were Pharisees. How amazing is that? The very people that Matthew so often pits in opposition to the Kingdom of Heaven become some of its first citizens after the Resurrection...

Daily Devo | November 3, 2020

Matthew is the only gospel writer to tell us this agrarian tale about this eccentric vineyard owner (aren’t they all?) and his employees. I think this is because it was significant to him, and to the original Jewish Christian communities in which he pastored. I like to imagine that he recounted this parable...

Daily Devo | November 2, 2020

Jesus, here we are again, desiring a thing, desiring many things, that were we to indulge in, it would war against our own hearts. O Christ, rather let our lives be thine!...

Daily Devo | October 30, 2020

Herod's death threat doesn't seem to phase Jesus, who responds in a way both belittling to Herod’s political position and revealing of Jesus’ ultimate goal (I’ll paraphrase): “Go tell that fox, I’ve got bigger fish to fry...

Daily Devo | October 29, 2020

“Amen!” Jesus says, and then proceeds to reveal that this is actually a parable about the kingdom where the first are last and the last are first. God’s kingdom is the place where sinners who know they are in need of mercy get...

Daily Devo | October 28, 2020

Jesus’ parable reaches back into Israel’s history even as it looks forward into what will become his own experience in a matter of days. Out of desperation, the naïve landlord decides...

Daily Devo | October 27, 2020

There is an interesting connection between the passages for our Sermon Series (Luke 20) and Men’s/Women’s Groups (Luke 10) this week. Are you ready for it?...

Daily Devo | October 26, 2020

Luke 20 turns on six major questions. 1) By whose authority does Jesus do and teach these things? 2) "Was John the Baptist a prophet from heaven or humans?" 3)"What will the owner do?" 4) "Is taxation theft? To pay taxes or naw?"...

Daily Devo | October 23, 2020

What he’s doing here is deliberately bringing us into another world, the one that surrounds this meal. Thousands of years ago, a people was groaning under the weight of the oppression that was laid on them...

Daily Devo | October 22, 2020

We might ask at this point, well, what exactly does leaven do? If you’ve ever spent time baking in a kitchen or watching the bakers on the Great British Bake Off (queue the theme song in the heads of those who’ve seen it), then the image should come readily to mind...
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