Men’s Groups


Here’s what’s currently available:


Study groups are a great way to develop close friendships with others while studying God’s Word together. We have a number available.

Micah’s Book Study

Cost: Cost of book.  “Recapturing the Wonder” by Mike Cosper. 

Join us as we explore ancient and modern disciplines that shape a Christian way of life and awaken the possibility of living again in a world shot-through with meaning. We’ll discuss thoughtful practices woven that help to feed your soul and help you recapture the wonder of your Christian walk. Register today!


Tuesdays 6am-7am @ Proving Grounds Coffee.  Led by Micah Jelinek

Psalm 119

Cost: Free

Where is God in this?” In this study, Matt Chandler directs our focus to Psalm 119 help answer this question during difficult seasons in our work, our families, and in life in general. Register today online! Study starts April 13 and 15. 


Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm @ Oak Pointe.  April 11- June 13.  Led by Tom Zimbelman.

Fridays  6am-7am @ Oak Pointe. April 13 – June 15.  Led by Lew Frasch.

Table Talk: The Gospel for Real Life

Cost: Free

“Join us for some “Table Talk” at our Men’s Summer Study as we gather around breakfast/dinner tables and discuss how the gospel connects with and changes our approach to our work, family, marriage, and simply what it means to be a man. Wednesdays, 7-8:30PM | Fridays, 6-7:15AM. Register online. Study starts June 20 and 22. 


Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm @ Oak Pointe.  June 20 – August 8.  Led by Tom Zimbelman.

Fridays  6am-7am @ Oak Pointe. June 22 – August 10.  Led by Micah Jelinek.


Discipleship groups are one of the primary ways to grow in Christ at OPC|Milford. Our desire is for each Christian to be able to connect the gospel to every area of life as they walk with God, alongside others, and in the world.

Gospel Christianity

Cost: $15

Gospel Christianity groups meet on an ongoing basis to discuss how the gospel can be creatively worked out in our families, work, community, and callings.

On Campus Offerings:

Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm @ Oak Pointe.  Ongoing groups.

Fridays  6am-7am @ Oak Pointe. Ongoing groups.

There are always new Discipleship groups forming & growing!

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